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If you have old batteries or scrap metal lying around, trust Service Battery Inc to pay top dollar! Our team has been buying, selling, and recycling batteries since 1974.

Get refurbished batteries for your cars, trucks, sump pumps, and wheelchairs for $20 and up. Call us for FREE professional consulting services on all battery purchases and recycling.


Get EPA certified disposal of all batteries and aluminium products. Let us help your home or commercial property maintain the highest levels of recycling standards.

Service Battery Inc. is a Chicago-based company dedicated to serving our customers and community with the highest standard of professionalism and ethics while maintaining a strong commitment to protecting our environment. For nearly 40 years, we have demonstrated our ability to provide the residents and businesses of Chicago a fair and honest facility to dispose of recyclable materials safely. Going forward, we will continue to seek out new technologies and ideas to enhance our strong sense of responsibility to this most important industry. We have deep and sincere appreciation for all our past and present customers and vow to continue to conduct ourselves with the respect that we’ve earned throughout our many years in business.


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